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Gebran Tueni



He emerged from the assassination site, in image and sound, a rebel pen in a memorial.

There they tried to eliminate him. They tore his body apart. They "blew" his voice. They thought for a moment that they killed his pen. There, from the same location in Mkalles, he emerged in image and sound, with a raised hand and a pen, rebel as always. Yesterday, at the exact time of the blast, Gebran Tueni's presence reverberated throughout the site on the first anniversary of his assassination. He was there, an oath, a smile and a life. The oath was "told" by a plaque in a memorial with a raised right hand, the same hand that inflamed the crowd on March 14, and continues to inflame them. The smile emerged from the spirit of the pen as if he were repeating with us, or rather convincing us: "Really, Gebran did not die." As for life, it was embodied in three sights: The sight of the small family who wept with joy, the joy of martyrdom for Lebanon's sovereignty, freedom and independence. They were all there: MP Ghassan Tueni, Gebran's daughters Nayla and Michelle, his wife Siham, his uncle Minister Marwan Hamadeh, his uncle and friend Ali Hamadeh, MP Michel El-Murr and his daughter Myrna; the sight of the big family, An-Nahar's family and Gebran's devotees who renewed the commitment to follow in his footsteps; and finally, the sight of the students most of whom did not know him closely. They left their schools and universities, they carried his photos and shouted silently: "Stop your divisions and unite for the sake of Lebanon", "Gebran Tueni did not die", "Gebran is alive in us".

On this occasion, the Municipality of Mansourieh - Mkalles - Daychounieh decided to name the street "Martyr Gebran Tueni Street” in honor of his memory.